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The maximum level of flexibility in shoring solutions Shoring Systems
Lightweight panel formwork for building construction and civil engineering
TRIO is a universal formwork system which places the highest emphasis on uncomplicated forming operations and the reduction of shuttering times.
Jednostranne obsluhovateľné stenové debnenie.
Môže byť premiestňované ako kompletná zostava.
For the CB 160 climbing formwork, the formwork element (holding formwork) is inclined backwards for striking.
Univerzálna stavebnica pre bezpečnú prácu vo výškach.
Kruhové stenové debnenie
FB 180 Folding Platform System: The universal working and safety scaffold.
High production quality for ensuring perfect concrete surfaces
Stenové nosníkové debnenie. Systém pre každý pôdorys.
HR Render image of the PERI VTC Tunnel Carriage
Supporting structures cost-effectively erected with system – with materials and expertise from a single source
TRIO Column Formwork: Elements for walls and columns, cross-sections up to 75 cm x 75 cm
The universal lightweight formwork for walls, columns and slabs
All heights, all cross-sections, regardless whether square or rectangular-shaped
Intuitívne stropné debnenie s rýchlymi zábermi a nízkou potrebou materiálu.
The slab table with steel walers for large formwork areas and heavy pre-fabricated parts
Flexibilné riešenie pre premiestňovanie bremien žeriavom.
With PERI SCS, the loads from the fresh concrete pressure are transferred without formwork ties through the brackets into the climbing anchors of the previous concreting section.
The drive rails are available in two variants, depending on the type of project at hand: RCS MAX C and CL. Both allow the platforms to be moved safely in 750 mm increments.
The Self-Climbing System ACS-R with the one-sided reinforcement scaffold in advance.
PERI UP Flex Reinforcement R75,100: Modular Reinforcement Scaffold for efficient work.
The suspended scaffold can be manoeuvred with little effort due to smooth plastic rollers.
Construction of superstructures using the balanced cantilever method – fast and dimensionally-accurate
PERI's traditional shuttering panel
The plywood Birch from PERI is used in all areas for walls and slabs.
Coated import plywood for loose formwork purposes from PERI
PERI FinPly Filmfaced plywood for smooth fairfaced concrete requirements
FinPly Maxi from PERI is a large panel for concrete formwork applications
Maxiform S-Twin is the large-size plywood from PERI with birch face veneers for concrete formwork systems.
Elliotis Pine from PERI is an import plywood for the packaging industry, the timber construction and other sectors.
PERI pave production pallet for the paving industry.
App icon PERI Formwork Load Calculator
App icon PERI MULTIFLEX Girder-Slab Formwork Configurator App
An image of a laptop, tablet, phone and computer screen displaying the appearance of the myPERI app.
peri extended
The CAD program for professional work preparation
Plan your build easily.